Mantra for Success

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Shizuka Arakawa, arguably one of the greatest ice skaters of all time fell on her ass an estimated 20,000 times on her way to becoming an Olympic champion, for all intents and purposes she FAILED 20,000 times before she became Olympic champion. How many of us have the guts to fall on our asses & fail that many times to get where we want to be? Is it the fact that she fell down that many times that made her a champion…or was it the fact she picked her ass up 20,000 times that made her who she is? No-one stays afloat and pain-free on a constant basis, and the ones that look like they are, are just masters at faking it, and quite often they can fake it just long enough to pick their own asses back up. How many times during a single day do we have the opportunity to turn things around for ourselves? My mantra of recent times has been “Success is not about staying on it, it’s about how many times you pick yourself up and get back on it.” I’m not trying to be Olympic champion of anything but I have very real goals and aspirations for my life and this mantra is going to take me there. Try it yourself and see what happens x


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