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Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Here is a technique I've developed myself which has taken me from being an insomniac to sleeping as deeply as I did when I was a child...please try it and feel free to contact me if you have any comments/questions

Sleep knits the ravelled sleeve of care – William Shakespear

Journal Writing

• Take a fresh lined pad and a pen. Write today’s date. If you find it easy just start writing about your day. If not maybe start by writing a question…”How has today gone?” Write each question as if you are interviewing someone else. If there is something that happened that has bothered you or caused you conflict, write about it in as much detail as you can.
• Write about how any incidents made you feel.
• Ask yourself why you felt like that.
• If you feel anger about anything or towards anyone, write with as much venom as possible. Don’t be afraid to get really vicious with your writing, remember it isn’t how you really feel, it will just help you clear the anger quickly so you can think with more clarity. Just make sure you shred/burn the paper afterwards!
• If any thoughts about the future made you feel anxious, write really exaggerated about how you felt and what the feared outcome would be. The more ridiculous you can make it the better. This will help you stop seeing the anxiety in such a serious light and give the worry less credibility.
• Then write what is the most realistic outcome of the situation, without any emotion involved.
• Always write and ask yourself “What can I do about that?” ,after any worry. You’ll be surprised how easily a strategy or plan pops into your head, when you have a pen in your hand.
• Always just write the first thing that comes to you, remembering there is no right or wrong to what you write.
• Try and keep up the practice every night before bed. Sometimes you may need to write for an hour, sometimes just 5 minutes. The more ‘items’ you can clear from your head, the less you will need to dream about and process in your subconscious.
• Keep a separate smaller pad next to your bed, and write anything you need to remember to do the next day. Write each item down as it pops into your head. There may be several episodes of flicking the light back on to add to the list, but it’s always better to get it written down!


  1. Just to say this is such a great thing to do just before you go to sleep, at first it may seem challenging to think of the things that scare you, but after doing it, the ‘drama’ of it simply fades away and your left with a peaceful mind! Thank you for the idea –

    Paul Ryder
    The UK College of Coaching & Mentoring

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