Muscle Activation

"Get stronger in seconds!"

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The assessment its self can be done in less than 10 minutes, and will direct us to the weak muscles of the body that aren't firing or doing their job correctly.

A full body treatment can be done in an hour session and systematically corrects the imbalances by getting the weak muscles to fire correctly. The techniques used in muscle activation can help establish greater neural drive to a muscle, resulting in more strength in a matter of seconds.

My athlete clients love this technique and many report PB's following a session. I also use this tecnique as an adjunct when treating musculo-skeletal dysfunction and injuries.

"I started having treatment with Alex in February 2011 when I tore my trapezius for some myofascial release. I am a competitive CrossFitter and this was just before our qualification season began so I needed to be fit enough to compete. Since then I have continued my treatment at Re-creation for various injuries and general maintenance. I have had deep tissue therapy, acupuncture, muscle activation, cupping and general massage from Alex, all of which helped me keep training and competing at a high standard."

Sam Briggs; 1st place finish at the English Olympic Lifting Championship 2013 (58kg category) // 1st place finish at CrossFit London Throwdown 2013 & 2012 // 4th place finish at CrossFit World Games 2011 // 8th (25-29yrs) ITU World Duathlon Championships 2010 // Lightweight British Indoor Rowing Champion 2010 and 2009.

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