Deep Tissue Massage


Why choose deep-tissue massage?

I have personally sampled a large number of massage techniques and this is by far the most satisfying and profoundly effective way of relieving aches and pains and treating injuries. For a start, the results are visible instantly and the treatment can bring about structural changes which mean lasting relief and not just temporary benefits. Some of the benefits include;

-          improved flexibility and range  of movement

-          lasting pain relief

-          improved posture

What can deep-tissue massage be used to treat?

-          muscular pain (back & neck ache, painful calves  hamstrings gluts etc)

-          muscular stiffness (stiff necks, backs, shoulders & legs etc)

-          pelvic/hip pain and sciatica

-          chronic muscle tension

-          tension headaches and migraines

-          shin-splints

-          plantar fasciitis

-          tendonitis (Achilles, wrist, fingers etc)

-          sports injury

Deep doesn’t mean painful

When working at the deeper levels of tissue, you would be forgiven for thinking that the deeper the pressure, the more painful the treatment. This just isn’t the case. In fact it is important for the client not to be caused discomfort above their threshold as this would be counter-productive to our goals. If you have been for a massage which made your toes curl, as it was just too painful it is more likely the massage was too quick. When using genuine deep-tissue massage technique, we sink into the tissue until we feel resistance and then move very slowly. This way we can achieve effective release with the minimum of discomfort.

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I prefer to work in the 60 minute slots with clients, as the work I do is very detailed compared to most of the massage you will have had, however, we can still achieve excellent results in the shorter sessions.

If you have a chronic issue you would like help with, I suggest that coming in for a 30 minute assessment before we start treatment is the best strategy. You can always call or email me to discuss anything prior to booking a session.

Although the occasional massage can bring great reward, having around 3-6 weekly sessions followed by monthly aftercare will bring the best results.

A wise man once told me that the most powerful thing you can ever do is take responsibility for your own health. He was right. The more you put in to your own healing, the more you will get out of it. I am always more than happy to offer exercises, lifestyle and dietary advice to my clients or even recommend a suitable exercise program for you.

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